Loadster 3.7 Charts & Team Sync

We’ve just released our first minor version upgrade to Loadster in a couple months.

Most of the improvements in this release are under the hood, laying the groundwork for some awesome features coming your way soon. For now though…

Better, more responsive charts

A huge part of load testing is analyzing and presenting the results of your test. With that in mind, we’ve greatly improved the interactive charts that Loadster uses to display your response times, throughput and other metrics.

Loadster 3.7 Chart

These new charts appear in the live test dashboard, and also in the final test reports that you can review and share afterwards.

Sortable Chart Legends

In addition to just looking good, these charts now have sortable legends so you can quickly pinpoint your fastest and slowest pages, zero in on errors, and troubleshoot hot spots while your load test is running.

Easier XML parsing for JavaScript validators & capturers

Our JSON support is great, but sometimes you just gotta parse XML. We’ve made that easier in Loadster with the help of Nick Farina’s slick but simple xmldoc parser. XML parsing is available anywhere you use a JavaScript snippet in Loadster, which pretty much means in your validators and capturers (check out the documentation for some usage examples).

Capturing XML with JavaScript

Import/export projects

This feature has been asked for a dozen or more times, and we finally got around to it. You can now export projects to zip files and import them elsewhere, making it a lot easier to collaborate with other people using Loadster Workbench.

Loadster Project Import/Export

Share your repository with cloud sync

Also new in 3.7, for the first time ever you can easily sync your Loadster repository with other members of your team.

This is great because you can collaborate on scripts and design test scenarios together, and they’ll all be stored in the same place for anyone in your organization who wants to run them.

Although the shared repository is considered a public beta feature to start with, it’s the beginning of many more team-oriented features coming soon.