Custom Hostname Resolution

Most of us run our applications in multiple environments.

For example, you might do your regression/integration testing in a staging environment, and once all seems good, promote the code to production. Or you might spin up a temporary environment for a special purpose, like running load and performance tests against a replica of production, without the risk of impacting real users.

Because switching load test scripts and infrastructure between multiple environments can be a bit of a headache, we’ve introduced a new feature into Loadster to make this a bit easier.

With custom hostname resolution, you can now leave your scripts untouched, and switch quickly between environments. It’s like an /etc/hosts file, except that Loadster automatically takes care of distributing the configuration between all the engines or cloud regions when you run your test.

Overriding DNS

You can customize how hostnames are resolved by your load tests with a DNS Override. DNS Overrides take effect at the virtual user group level. To override host resolution for a specific host name, expand the +… menu and select Override DNS.

DNS Override

Enter one or more key-value pairs to map your hostnames to IP addresses. Again, this is very similar to a hosts file but with the added benefit that Loadster will automatically distribute the configuration for you.

Are you load testing against multiple environments of your application? Do you spin up temporary environments as part of your build/deployment process? If so, we’d like to hear about it and how we can make your life easier. Drop us a line at!