Loadster Pricing

We recommend Loadster Engine for in-house testing, and Loadster Cloud Fuel for cloud testing from 10 regions.

Loadster Engine Pricing

Loadster Engine 3.x
A dedicated license to run Loadster Engine on your own machine, for load testing on private networks.
Loadster Engine 3.x 5-pack
For larger tests or teams, save money by buying this 5-pack of dedicated Loadster Engine licenses.

Q: How many concurrent virtual users can I simulate per engine?

A: Typically 500-1000 concurrent virtual users.

Q: Can I share licenses between multiple users?

A: Yes. Each of your team members can run Loadster Workbench for free, and share the same engine(s) when it comes time to run a test.

Q: Can I distribute load between several engines?

A: Absolutely. It's highly recommended if you are running 1000+ concurrent users.

Loadster Cloud Fuel Pricing

1000 Units
Start running on-demand load tests from any of Loadster Cloud's 10 regions. 1000 units.
5000 Units
More Cloud Fuel for bigger tests or repeated tests. 5000 units.
10000 Units
Best value! Ideal for running large tests or to share with your team. 10000 units.

Fuel Usage Estimator

v-users × minutes = fuel

Q: How much is one unit of fuel?

A: A unit of Cloud Fuel is one "virtual user hour". It's enough to power 1 virtual user for 1 hour.

Q: If I run a short test am I charged for the whole hour?

A: No. We calculate fuel usage based on the exact length of the test. For example, an 11-minute test will only be charged 11/60 of an hour.

Q: Does it cost more to run a test from multiple cloud regions at the same time?

A: No. Fuel usage is calculated only on the total number of virtual users allocated times the test duration. Running in multiple regions does not affect total fuel usage.

Q: Can I run a test from Loadster Cloud AND my own Loadster Engines running on my own hardware simultaneously?

A: Yes. Tests are controlled by Loadster Workbench and it’s okay to generate load from Loadster Cloud and your own engines at the same time.