Loadster's professional plans include unlimited tests each month, from 15+ cloud regions and your self-hosted engines!

Prices are predictable and all-inclusive, with no additional fees to worry about. You should test often, but at these prices, it's a great value even if you only test occasionally... and yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan (even the free plan) at any time.

Virtual Users
Tests per Month
Cloud Regions per Test
Team Sharing
Priority Support
50 50 Virtual Users
10 10 Tests / Month
1 1 Cloud Region
Team Sharing
- Standard Support
Pro 1k
1000 1000 Virtual Users
Unlimited Unlimited Tests
3 3 Cloud Regions
Team Sharing
Priority Support
Pro 5k
5000 5000 Virtual Users
Unlimited Unlimited Tests
5 5 Cloud Regions
Team Sharing
Priority Support
Pro 10k
10000 10000 Virtual Users
Unlimited Unlimited Tests
9 9 Cloud Regions
Team Sharing
Priority Support
10001+ 10001+ Virtual Users
Unlimited Unlimited Tests
All All Cloud Regions
Team Sharing
Priority Support
All Plans Include

Testing From Anywhere

Run load tests on demand from Loadster Cloud, or behind the firewall by installing Loadster Engine on your own hardware. It's the same price whether you run cloud tests, local tests, or combine the two.

Team Support

Share your plan between up to 10 team members at no additional cost. Multiple team members can even run tests simultaneously, as long as the total virtual user count is within the plan limits.

Peace of Mind

Run as many tests as you like, without having to guess how much it will cost. Loadster's all-inclusive plans make it easy to budget for load testing, even if you don't know how many tests it will take.

FAQs About Pricing

Q: Can I upgrade at any time?

A: Yes. Upgrades take effect immediately. If you're already in the middle of a paid billing cycle, you'll receive a pro rated credit of whatever amount you already paid for the current cycle. For example, if you paid for a $299/month plan but decide to upgrade to a higher plan after 15 days, you will receive a credit of approximately $149.50 towards the new plan (since half the time is remaining in your current month).

Q: Can I cancel or downgrade at any time?

A: Yes. Cancellations and downgrades take effect immediately, but we are unable to offer refunds for any unused time remaining in the current billing cycle. You'll simply be charged the new amount starting with your next billing cycle.

Q: Can multiple human users share the same plan?

A: Yes. Up to 10 human users on the same team can share the plan. For larger teams or enterprises, please contact us and we'll design a special plan just for you.

Q: Can I run multiple tests simultaneously?

A: Yes. As long as the total number of allocated virtual users doesn't exceed the limit set by your plan, you and your team members can run multiple tests simultaneously.

Q: Can I test from the cloud?

A: Yes. Loadster will automatically spin up engines in up to 15 cloud regions all over the world. When you're cloud testing, you don't have to install the engines or launch any cloud instances; Loadster's cloud services do it all automatically.

Q: Can I test a private site that's not reachable from the cloud?

A: Yes. Install Loadster Engine on your own machines, and control it from Loadster Workbench. This is included in your plan.

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